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The Project ENERBUILD has produced valuable booklets for you dealing with energy efficiency and renewable ressources in the fields of education, examination, evaluation, e-producing and innovation.
Feel free to have a look and to use it.

Welcome to ENERBUILD: this public Website describes the Alpines Space Project and gives an idea to the progress of the project - Public results, News and Content of Meetings

ENERgy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in the BUILDing Sector in the Alpine Space

ENERBUILD is a Project from the Alpine Space Program
Reference number 11-2-1-AT
Focused on Priority 1 "Competitiveness and Attractiveness of the Alpine Space"


The project is focused on strengthening SMEs in the building sector because of their great importance as employers in alpine valleys. New developments and changes concerning building techniques of ESAP (energy saving and producing) buildings require cross-sectoral networks and collaborations of SMEs. Because of the increasing complexity in this field there is the need for customers, especially public builders, to have a better basis for decision-making.

The key topics of the project are:

  1. Providing latest technical know-how for craftsmen and architects
  2. Developing tools for public builders which act as decision guidance
  3. Providing customers with innovative financing tools concerning the energy production of buildings

All in all the craftsmen will be supported in this period of change and the demand for ecological building will be raised. To reach these objectives the PPs form transnational expert groups and their results are implemented in pilot actions.


LP: VLBG; Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg
PP1: TIS; TIS Techno Innovation South Tyrol
PP2: RAEE; Rhônalpénergie-Environnement
PP3: Piemonte; Regione Piemonte - Direzione Programmazione strategica, Politiche territoriali ed Edilizia
PP4: FH-Rosenheim; Fachhochschule Rosenheim
PP5: PRC-Slovenia; Posoški razvojni center
PP6: EAO-Styria; Energieagentur Obersteiermark
PP7: ZS-Tyrol; Tiroler Zukunftsstiftung
PP8: Trento; Autonomous Province of Trento, Department for energy planning and incentives
PP9: Alessandria; Province of Alessandria
PP10: EURAC; Accademia Europea Bolzano
PP11: NENA; Network Enterprise Alps
NMS1: ZVDK; Zentralschweizer Volkswirtschaftsdirektorenkonferenz vertreten durch das Justiz- und Sicherheitsdepartement des Kantons Luzern


CIPRA: Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
Bolzano: Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol
Friuly: Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia
ZAPS: Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia
ARPA: A.R.P.A.V. Agenzia Regionale per la Prevenzione e Protezione Ambientale del
ITCILO: International Training Centre of the ILO (International Labour Organization)
DCRI: Region Alsace - Chargee de mission Projjets et programms européens
ALPHOUSE: HWK: Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern - Alphouse
IRHMed: Generalitat de Catalunya
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