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Training on ESAP Buildings

Rhonalpénergie Environnement, the regional energy agency of Rhône-Alpes, partner of Enerbuild, is associated with Metropole Savoie ( grouping of local authorities in Savoie) and the local energy agency (ASDER) to define and set up a strategy of development of ESAP (Energy saving and producing) buildings in Savoie. To develop ESAP buildings, a need for training was identified at several levels, and various training sessions took place from the end of 2010.

Training on ESAP Buildings

Illustration ESAP Building

1.    A global strategy: " building ESAP buildings: let’s all go together!”

A big mobilizing event was first organised to create a collective run-up in Savoie. This event took place in October 2010 in association with the INES (National Institute of Solar Energy) and Metropole Savoie, with the presence of Olivier SIDLER, from famous consultant agency Enertech. The 3-day conference was attended to by more than 250 persons.

A cycle of sessions was organized in February 2011, in partnership with Metropole Savoie and the ASDER. The main issue was to raise awareness on the role of local elected representatives about energy, thermal regulation evolution, and in technical choices. These sessions started from the premise that, in order to increase the number of ESAP building, it was necessary to increase the demand. In three sessions, more than 75 local authorities elected representatives, members of Metropole Savoie participated. This success allowed the planning of three other sessions in early 2012.

After the political decision is made to demand an ESAP building, technical services of the local authority ensure the follow-up and have to follow all the phases of programming, conception, construction and reception of the building. An ESAP building requires a different global approach, which imposes an adaptation of the methods. A two days training with a limited number of people, only intended for technicians in charge of such operations in local authorities, was organized in June 2011, in partnership with ASDER and Metropole Savoie. About ten persons were thus able to identify all the necessary phases and to benefit from exemplary experience feedback of successful operations.

Because a need of exchange and dialogue about ESAP building is necessary between project managers, project owners, companies, regular meetings were proposed around precise themes to progress collectively towards ESAP buildings. Experts of regional and national fame came to animate conferences about the thermal envelop of an ESAP building, specific technical systems and eco-materials.

These trainings conferences were free and lasted a half-day long. Each gathered one hundred participants.

2.    A dynamic of territory: " building ESAP buildings: let’s continue!”

With the cycle “building ESAP buildings: let’s go all together!”, a run-up towards ESAP building started. And it continues! Thanks to these successes, new training sessions will  take place within the end of the year and at the beginning of 2012: more training conferences (indoor air quality in ESAP buildings) , new sessions for elected representatives are planned in January, a training for eco-material retailers will soon be set up.

Finally, RAEE will value these trainings within a “Guidelines for ESAP building”. Thanks to partnerships and to a collective will within the territory, Savoie paves the way to the generalization of public ESAP buildings.

This global cycle of training, experimented and perfected in Savoie, is available for free for other Rhône-Alpes territories.


Laurent Chanussot/Etienne VIENOT
Rhonalpénergie Environnement
laurent.chanussot@raee.org    etienne.vienot@raee.org

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