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The ENERBUILD Tool is a development based on the INTERREG IIIB project NENA in cooperation with the Umweltverband Vorarlberg and the regional government of Vorarlberg.
The public buildings will be evaluated on five topics:

  • Quality of location and facilities
  • Process and planning quality
  • Energy & Utilities (Passive house)
  • Health and Comfort
  • Building materials and construction

On the SG-Meeting in Luzern all PPs agreed to use following tool for evaluation of the public buildings:
download Tool: English  |  Deutsch

The PPs agreed to translate directly the German version of the tool prescription into their local language.
download description: Deutsch

For the calculation on different measurements following software, information is helpful:
ECOSOFT: http://www.ibo.at/de/ecosoft.htm
BAUBOOK: http://www.baubook.at/


There haven’t been worked out any general valid evaluation methods for ecological public buildings until now. Within the framework of the project NENA an evaluation scheme was drafted. The aim of WP6 is to evaluate this model in different areas and to implement them locally by establishing certification bodies and authorising key persons. This structures empowers public decision makers to design decision processes for establishing ecological public ESAP buildings in the Alpine Space.


research results of WP6 will be used in WP4 for awareness raising and training modules. In addition to this in WP8 to stimulate innovation and implementation of concrete building projects.
Action 6.1: Transnational comparison of instruments according to ecological evaluation of public buildings
Action 6.2: Improvement and promotion of instruments for the construction of ecological end energy efficient buildings
Action 6.3: Pilot testing of instruments and methods, e.g. evaluation of selected (public) buildings
Action 6.4: Establish an Advisory Service for certifying ecological public building


6.1 In the first step the "efficiency team"(5PPs) evaluates the different instruments for the ecological evaluation of buildings and compares these instruments.
6.2 The team (5PPs) evaluates 30 max. 5 year old energy efficient public buildings.
6.3 8 PPs establish local expert groups which are entitled to use the model on local level and to certify the construction process.
6.4 The evaluation instrument allows local decision makers to evaluate public buildings within the entire establishing process (competition, design, planning, building and usage) under ecological criteria.
Within this pilot activity 48 buildings are evaluated and 5 PP-areas have adequate structures with authorisation services for the certification at their disposal.


6.1: There are different instruments for the ecological evaluation of building labels in the Alpine Space. A small scaled study should give an overview and make the differences clear. The Efficiency Team, led by the LP, designs the study. The work group is composed of experts from PP2, PP3, PP8 and PP10, the results will be used in WP4.

6.2: In the prior NENA project, a group of experts developed a method to evaluate public buildings concerning ecological construction methods. The feasibility of this method will be tested in a pilot activity with 30 existing public buildings in different countries.
This will be done by the “Efficiency Team” consisting experts from the LP, PP2, PP3, PP8, PP10. The LP tests f.e. schools Sulzberg and Langen; PP2 test 5 public buildings on the territory of Chambery; PP3 the “Torre delle Serre”, “EDISU Lungodora” which is a student college; PP10 the ex-post building in Bolzano and the Laion school (one of the first passive school buildings realized in Europe). Also PP8 listed their objects.

6.3: Pilot testing of instruments on public building in the decision process: The LP, PP2, PP3, PP6, PP7, PP8, PP9, PP10 and NMS1 verify 18 planned public buildings which are in an early planning stage.
These buildings are evaluated and subsequently guided by the evaluation methods designed by the trans-national team. The buildings don’t exist in this moment, but the quality of them will be decided with this new tool. 

6.4 Advisory service: Certification bodies are needed to implement the above mentioned method. For this reason people have to be educated and authorised to certify objects. At the end of the project at least 5 authorisation services are established. The authorisation will be granted. The LP, PP2, PP3, PP6 and PP9 form the working group and it is their area which is affected by this action

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