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WP8 will promote SME cooperation capacity and improve SME innovation capacity through transfer of environmentally friendly technologies and cooperation between R&TD centres and SMEs. Moreover this WP will strengthen value-added chains for energy efficient buildings based on the principle of proximity through the promotion of SME networks.   


WP8 will use the contents of WP5, WP6 and WP7 to stimulate innovation and implementation of concrete building projects.
Action 8.1: Creation of an online directory of SMEs, institutions and other important players in the field of energy
Action 8.2: Stimulating innovation by environmentally friendly technology transfer through innovation workshops, installation of regional innovation labs, etc.
Action 8.3: Pilot initiatives, pilot engineering for innovative solutions for ESAP buildings.


8.1 One Online directory
8.2 In central Switzerland, Rhône-Alpes and South Tyrol cross-sectoral innovation labs will be installed. Existing labs (like the iHomeLab at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Luzern) of different PPs will be linked with each other. Information, news, concepts and experiences with these labs will be provided to all interested PPs. Concerning pilot engineering of ESAP buildings, expert groups will be created and this will give architects access to practical construction work.
8.3 The University of Rosenheim and the Fraunhofer Institut Holzkirchen will create an ESAP show house. The show house serves as an experiment and allows local architects and craftsmen to do research.


8.1: the transnational ”Innovation Team”, which is lead by NMS1 form a work group with PP2, PP8 and PP10 to develop the framework for an Online-Directory. It includes SMEs which work in the field of ESAP buildings. The other partners can use the results for the implementation on the local level.

8.2: The work group within this action is composed of PP1, PP2, PP6, PP7 and PP8 to develop concepts for the know-how exchange. The aim of the activity is to provide permanent facilities where cross-sectoral issues concerning energy efficient construction can be presented. These facilities can be a meeting place for SMEs to make examinations.
All interested PP will be informed about news, concepts and experiences with these labs. PP8 will establish a structure concerning field visits, workshops and meetings among SMEs and clusters.

8.3: Within this action a transnationally composed expert group (LP, PP1, PP2, PP4, PP5, PP6, PP7, PP8, PP10, NMS1) works on concrete construction examples, which are currently in the planning stage. The expert team advises developers and architects. The result is an innovative approach for the implementation of an ESAP building and will be used for trainings in WP4. NMS1 selected a settlement consisting of 18 residential units in the Alpine village “Wielen” as a pilot example.
The pilot example in the region of the LP is an energy self-sufficient hotel-village in the municipality Schröcken 1,200 m above sea level and the exhibition hall of the artisan cooperation in Andelsbuch. PP1, PP2, PP6, PP7, PP8, PP10 will evaluate the object just in the beginning of the project. PP5 will use the passive house concepts as a part of spatial plans including cultural heritage. The results are presented in exhibitions in Goriska region and Ljubljana. PP4 builds a prototype of an ESAP building as a show case and a concept, how to present this show house in an optimal way. That object will act as an exhibition example and will be used as a prototype for education, as a practical example and for public events.
The house of Austria in during the Olympics in Vancouver is a further pilot example. (3.8.2)
At least one further Italian pilot example will be defined during the project.

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