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Information and Publicity


WP 3 will focus on general project communication for ENERBUILD. Especially content related awareness raising activities like information material and public events for ESAP buildings will be carried out in all WPs, especially in WP4.


The main communication objective is to raise public awareness for the ENERBUILD project and public support for the associated project goals and activities. The target groups for the communication activities are SMEs, key decision makers in the field of ESAP buildings and the general public. The main strategy for communication is to use existing networks like NENA, Energy Clusters, trade associations etc. and to build up a thematic leadership by involving the leading experts in the field of ESAP buildings. A cooperation with well established annual events like the Energy Forum, European Passive House Seminar etc. is another aim of the project consortium.


To reach the target group of SMEs cluster organisations are involved in the project which are directly linked to a large number of SMEs (E.g. a chamber of architecture, a chamber of commerce, an international training centre, cluster organisations and regional governments). Furthermore the alpine wide NENA-Network will be used to improve communication. The target group of decision-makers will also be reached through the above mentioned networks and direct contacts within the different project meetings. Another important approach are the transnational expert groups, whose transnational composition ensures a profound basis to spread the results in the Alpine Space. Regular newsletters, press releases, a frequently updated website and public events in cooperation with well known events on European level like the Energy Forum South Tyrol, the International passive house conference 2010, the energy forum Bolzano will reach the general public and will raise the awareness for ESAP buildings.


Action 3.1: Communication design (logo, forms, actions)
Action 3.2: Implementation of project website
Action 3.3: Producing of a project result booklet
Action 3.4: Preparation and hosting of transnational events   
Action 3.5: Media communication, Newsletter, Lobbying, Exhibition, Excursion   


A3.1 Visual identity: (obligatory: project logo) A visual identity for ENERBUILD including project logo and letter paper
A3.2 Project website: (obligatory) A project web-site with internal and open domains. The web-site is a holistic documentation of the project including all news, reports and billings.
A3.3 Publications: (obligatory: project result booklet) Printed brochures, 40 pages presenting the project results (5000 copies).  Book, 400 pages (500 copies), Dissemination material (at least 24.500 copies)
A3.4 Public events: (obligatory: final event)  Final event carried out like a symposium (500 participants), annual expert events to exchange experiences at well known events (400 experts)
A3.5 Media communication: (highly recommended Quarterly newsletter and press releases, TV and radio broadcast, a project folder, a project result booklet and about 50 thematic articles published (in total 80 appearances)
Project publications Communication


3.1: Led by the LP, an elected group of PP (2-3) will develop a communication concept for the project on a transnational basis to distribute the results and to strengthen the transnational work. The results flow into a briefing of the LP who designs logos and forms.
3.2: Within the framework of the project a multilingual CMS will be set up for the password protected web-site. This enables all PPs to report their progress, announce upcoming events and present the project in their language. The public domain as well as the internal domain is accessible to the JTS and the Management Authority. Reports that are meant for the exchange of information can be accessed from other homepages as RSS-Feeds.
3.3: PP 11 is responsible for producing of a project result booklet. Results are a brochure and a book which present the contents of the project. The brochure is for a broader public and stakeholders (40 pages and 5000 copies) and the book is intended for educational reasons (400 pages and 500 copies).
3.4: The use of well established annual events are strategic elements. Most of the ENERBUILD events will be public and stakeholders will be actively involved in public workshops, lectures, presentations etc. PP1,2, 5,7 organise a transnational event with the help of PP11 (I.e.Passive House Event Grenoble; PP01: Energy Forum Bolzano; PP05: European Energy Forum). Two people will represent the enerbuild project in Vancouver.
3.5: Media communication, Newsletter, Lobbying: Continuous public relation work by PP11, as ongoing newsletters and press information will be carried out. Brochures and short presentations will be prepared and distributed. On local level each PP does lobbying, creates press releases and publications. Lobbying can be done by initiating innovative pilot actions like “trial dwelling on holidays” (in cooperation with tourism) or “Energy Beat”. It is important to consider that these are pilot activities within the project, which should initiate regular tours for builders as an example.

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