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WP7 will improve general conditions for investment in energy producing buildings through studies on the solar energy and biomass potential of buildings. Furthermore the promotion of solar roof stock exchanges, eco-power stock exchanges, new technology on biomass in a mini scale district on single buildings and other innovative models will be improved.


The research results of WP7 will be used in WP4 for awareness raising and training modules and to stimulate innovation and implementation of concrete building projects in WP8.
Action 7.1: Assessing regional needs and potentials for transnational cooperation for ESAP buildings
Action 7.2: Analysis of the energy producing potential of buildings (e.g. scanning of rooftops, mini scaled heating solutions)
Action 7.3: Develop and establish monitoring systems to stabilise the efficiency of small energy production plants
Action 7.4: Developing financing instruments for energy producing components on buildings, e.g sun loan


7.1/7.2 regions of Alessandria, Trento and Styria scan the potential of 30 municipalities with a tool combining orthophotos and graphical data. Rhône-Alpes examine the energy potential of farming buildings, public buildings, schools etc. on the territory of Trièves and Savoie. Piemonte scans the potential of mini scaled heating systems.
7.3 The results are the basis for the work of the other PPs and decision makers. Vorarlberg, Alessandria and South Tyrol will monitor the productivity of 300 small producers of eco power installations.
7.4 3 innovative financing tools are developed and lead to increased investments in energy producing buildings. Feasibility of small scaled biomass systems is available. The E-production team is led by PP2.


7.1 Assessing regional needs .. The target of the transnational expert workshops within this action is to find a common definition of an energy-producing building. A questionnaire will be worked out by PP2 and PP6. During this finding process an intensive know-how exchange takes place and a lot of buildings are located as best practice examples.

7.2: Analysis of ..The work group consist of experts from PP2, PP3, PP6, PP8, PP9 and PP10. They agree on methods to determine the energy potential of rooftops. PP10 provides the group with its experience. For this a computational model, based on geographic information and image analysis calculates the solar energy potential of each rooftop in the scanned area is used.
PP2 measures on the territory of Chambery Conurbation whereas PP6,8,9 evaluate the location within the project. Piemonte investigate the feasibility of biomass usage for thermal and power production in a mini scale districts.

7.3: For many operators of small photovoltaic plants on buildings a support will be developed. In the 1st phase the work group consisting of the LP, PP3, PP9 and PP10 exchange their experience, test different methods. The aim of the scheme is that new services are developed and implemented which intends to improve the productivity or functionality of the plant construction.
The LP, PP3 and PP 9 provided by PP10 establish a remote data transmission system to monitor the plants. The productivity from 10 to 15% of 300 small plants should be rised.

7.4: Developing financing instruments .. The expert group (LP, PP1, PP2, PP6) compare local approaches like EcoPower Stock Exchange, Roof Stock Exchange or Sun loan. During this process, actions will be evaluated and appropriate adaptations will be made. The tools, which help to ensure initiating investments, will be evaluated. In Rhône Alps, the work concentrates on the possibility to implement a roof stock exchange. LP is going to implement sun loan concepts.

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