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OBJECTIVES: WP5 will foster appropriate environments for SME development through a comparison of labels for energy efficient buildings and the production of market oriented scientific studies about “Passive House killer arguments” and performance of ESAP buildings. The results of the WP are used for education to strengthening innovation capabilities of SMEs. This action fosters the cooperation between R&TD centers and SMEs.   


The research results of WP5 will be used in WP4 for awareness raising and training modules and in WP8 to stimulate innovation. The results are important inputs for WP3.


Action 5.1: Compare existing labels, Collection studies, experiences, literature
Action 5.2: Healthy dwelling and customer information
Action 5.3: Research concerning killer arguments in different climate zones
Action 5.4: Examination of performance of existing building, impulses to innovation and training


5.1 A multilingual information booklet, which contains a comparison of quality labels for energy efficient buildings in the Alpine Space is produced.
5.2 In addition three key examinations are made: The “Healthy dwelling study” provides new knowledge for decisions on building materials and helps architects and craftsmen to inform their customers on the subject.
5.3 The same happens with the study concerning the “Passive House killer arguments”.
5.4 The transnational study „Performance of Existing Buildings” will provide information about sources of problems with energy efficient buildings and recommendations for improvements. The outputs of WP5 will be used for the training modules developed in WP4


5.1: The “examination Team” consisting of PP3 and NMS1 and experts from (PP1, PP2, PP4, PP6, PP8) are carrying out a comparison of existing quality labels (criteria: technical, economical, ecological, cultural and psychological). The results will be published.

5.2: The team composes the working group for this action. It consists of experts from the LP, PP1, PP8 and NMS1. They work on the “healthy dwelling study” on which experts in the fields of structural physics, psychology, architecture and medicine take part. The study will deliver important results for the processing of architectural concepts, materials for training courses and customer information.   
A cooperation within this action will take place between PP8, the University of Trento Dpt Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Green Building Council Italia.

5.3: The Research Team (LP, PP1, PP4, PP8, PP10, and NMS1) defines and elaborates the Passive house killer arguments study. A technology team with multi-sector competence examines existing examples and generates new knowledge for SMEs. The results will flow into the training modules of WP4, the publication takes place within WP3.

5.4: It is a fact that not all energy efficient buildings deliver the performance promised by builders.
The objective is to examine problems of existing constructions to evaluate the problem areas and derive solutions and/or expertises. The priority is to collect empirical values about possible sub-optimal concepts or applications which is lead by PP10, the work team LP, PP1, PP3, PP4, PP7 and NMS1. The pilot action is carried out with 5-10 max. 5 year old flats per partner area (private buildings). PP7 examines the i.e. Passivhaus Lodenareal, Kramsach and the high rise passive house in Innsbruck. Different conditions in various areas have to be considered: e.g. like CASANOVA district and different types of standards (Passive house in Germany and Austria, CasaClima in South Tyrol, MINERGIE in Switzerland).

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