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With this links you can download a list of experts who could be a speaker at your event.

Logo Alpine-Space Programm




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Logo and templates

Below you find all visual material needed for comunicating the ENERBUILD project.

ENERBUILD logoversions



ENERBUILD templates


I&P requirements from the Alpine-Space Programm

All I&P requirements relevant for the project application as well as obligations to be fulfilled during the project implementation are summarised in factsheet 6.7 and in the styleguide on project communication. These two documents shall be carefully read by any project partner implementing I&P activities!




Alpine Space logo for project communication

Any project materials published or illustrated to the public must contain specific references to the EU, the ERDF and the Alpine Space Programme. Below you can download different logo versions combining all these elements requested by the European Commission and the Alpine Space Programme. Please read the styleguide carefully before you download and use the Alpine Space logo as it has to be used in accordance with some rules for application.




For more information please visit the Alpine-Space Website.

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